CGMA – Hard Surface Modeling For Characters (Premium)


CGMA – Hard Surface Modeling For Characters

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File Name CGMA – Hard Surface Modeling For Characters
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update and Published 2023

Throughout this course we are going to take a look at the techniques and challenges of designing and building hard surfaces for characters. This does not only include design, sculpting, and modeling, but especially the focus on creating character hard surfaces with animation in mind from the very beginning. The goal is to get students to look at the subject matter from a new perspective and to take away as much knowledge, tips, tricks, and techniques as possible for use in their own work.

Week 1 | Introduction / Character Preparation / Hard Surface Talk
Week 2 | Design Focus: Basic Armor Blockout and Insight Into Design Process
Week 3 | Motion Focus: Range of Motion Tests and Necessary Edits
Week 4 | Editing details, preparation for remodeling | Retopo
Week 5 | Remodeling | Retopo of the Character
Week 6 | Remodeling for Game Mesh

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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