DVLOP – RGB by Shortstache (Premium)


DVLOP – RGB by Shortstache

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File Name DVLOP – RGB by Shortstache
Source https://dvlop.com/shop/shortstache/rgb
File size 178 kb
Publisher DVLOP
update and Published 2023

This pack is tailored to thrive within warmer scenes (red), neutral and green scenes (green) and finally cooler scenes (blue). Hence the name RGB. These presets offer flexibility and multi-functionality and give that deep cinematic tonal range while also stylizing your photos.


Adobe® Lightroom® Classic 7.3 or later
Adobe® Camera Raw 10.4 or later
Lightroom mobile presets included (LR Desktop required for syncing)

Coolith – Blue Down
Coolith – Heat Shift
Greenith – Pine
Greenith – Sage

Experienced at editing but still want to take it up a notch?
Lost or don’t have a certain look in mind but want to dial it in?
Do you have the knowledge of colors but want them cohesively come together?
Got a love for the film look but are not sure how to get there?
Each group of presets and modified presets allows you a shortcut to faster editing and dialing in what your final look is. These looks have been carefully crafted to be manipulated and adjusted to your liking, and these Shortstache™ tones will keep you one step ahead.


The Coolith presets are rich with color and undertone but can enhance your blues, manipulate them, or tone them down completely. These offer a wide range of usage and can be applied to any image. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “cool” image, these preset will dial it in and not limit you whatsoever!


The Greenith presets stand as a neutral ground between the other two in this pack. Wide range of usage and overall a strong cinematic deep tone. These preset specialize in manipulating the greens to tone them up, down, or shift in the overall hue. Such a quick fix to dial in greens!


The Warmith presets are designed to have a little more style. Rich hues and warmer undertones give off the balance of warm and cold. These offer a more vintage yet modern sleek look to enhance your images. Wide range of usage especially in neutral portraits.

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