Nigel Danson Masterclass I and II Bundle (Premium)


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File Name Nigel Danson Masterclass I and II Bundle
File size 51 GB
Publisher Nigel Danson
update and Published 2023


More than a tutorial on photography, I aimed to make this program a way to visualize the world a little differently. It’s about turning your images into something spectacular. And experiencing the pride and prestige that comes from printing an image you’re proud of and hanging it on your wall (an important part of the artistic process). It includes…

How to get the most out of your time on location
How to find the best compositions
How to spot and photograph the best light (with and without filters)
How to shoot vistas, seascapes, woodland and other scenes
How and where to focus for super-sharp images
The other 50% that matters — how to edit and process your landscapes for digital and for print
Printing photos for your wall
Learn advanced, yet simple, camera settings
The ins and outs of gear — what you need and what you don’t (I’m more of a minimalist)

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