Photigy – Blending Art And Advertising Photography Workshop (Premium)


Photigy – Blending Art And Advertising Photography Workshop

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File Name Photigy – Blending Art And Advertising Photography Workshop
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update and Published 2023

Blending Art and Advertising, layered shadowbox cosmetic photography workshop This is a product photography tutorial for the Professional Interactive Education Program, Workshop #79 Last month, we explored high-concept-style imagery that is often used in advertising. This month, we paired up with professional stylist Olena Lytynska, an artist, set designer and professional image consultant with decades of experience in fashion and marketing, to create a stunning cosmetics composition that blends art with advertising.

We worked with Olena to create a layered shadowbox composition similar to those you may have seen in high-end advertising campaigns. Shadowbox art is used to display all manner of creative, mixed media compositions. Combining art and advertising with this approach resulted in a cool in-camera design that was fun to create while posing some unique photography challenges along the way. Our final result has a somewhat Asian flare, but you can take your composition in any direction that suits your collection of products the best and helps tell their story.

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