Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch (Premium)


Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch

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File Name Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch
File size 3.6 GB
Publisher  Aleksandr Kurennoi
update and Published 2023

Video tutorial “Portrait retouch in Lightroom + Photoshop. Corn Field.” (Commentary in English)
In that video tutorial I’ll show you all my retouch technics:

Basic color corrections in Adobe Lightroom.
Framing, background cleaning.
Delicate work with Liquify filter.
Natural skin retouch. Good way of using
“frequency separation method” and “Dodge& Burn”.
Effective way to increase contrast.
Local contrast and volume.
Color correction and toning.
Local color corrections.
Soft light effect.
Film grain.
Best way to save image for WEB.
Duration: 1h 57m
Feedback: You can ask me any questions you’ll have in my Instagram within one month after purchase.

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