Busy Boxx V70 Fire Storm (Premium)


Busy Boxx V70 Fire Storm

File details overview
Name Details
File Name Busy Boxx V70 Fire Storm
Source https://www.busyboxx.com/Products/FireStorm
File size 33.6 GB
Publisher Busy Boxx
update and Published 2023

81 flame jet animations (black and white matte video clips are also provided for each clip). It is suitable for use in VFX special effect synthesis, screen overlay or background. The material does not have a transparent channel, you can modify the blending mode (screen/screen) to overlay it with your video material.

Material information:

Applicable systems: Win and Mac
Video resolution: 4096*2304 4K
frame rate: 30 fps
Material format: .MP4
Video encoding: H264
Material quantity: 81+81
Channel information: No transparent channel (transparent superimposition in mixed mode)
Material size: 33.6G
Transmission format: independent video file
Download method: Baidu network disk
Compatible software: Final Cut Pro, PR, AE, FCPX, Nuke, Smoke, Avid, Vegas, Edius, Da Vinci and other video production tools

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