Complete Blender Guide for Beginners & Intermediate (Premium)


Complete Blender Guide for Beginners & Intermediate

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Welcome to our new course from modeling to render an isometric interior.

In this course we will learn together, how to create an isometric interior from modeling to rendering.

First Before starting modeling, we will take you through the fundamentals of blender 3.1. to prepare you for the next level.

In the second section, we will take you through the modeling. In here you will learn modeling from creating easy models, with different examples to create a bit complex model and step by step we will add details our scene. You will learn all the tools and techniques you need for modeling this final scene.

Ass well you will learn how to use assets library and how to mark assets your premade assets and reuse them in your projects just by drag and drop.

In the third section we will go through the texturing. Here you learn: different ways of unwrapping with multiple examples. Where and how add mark seams and a lot more.

Next, we go through the shading: Here you learn how to create easy and complex material using free pbr textures and how to apply them to different surfaces.

In the next section we will talk about the lighting. We will use easy HDRI and blender lights to lighting our final scene. You learn different kind of light and how to use them to add more interest to our scene.  After that you will learn how to create a volumetric light.

In the next part we will go through the particle system and how to paint that grass and flowers over the ground using weight paint.

And finally, we talk about Camera setting and render setting and we take a render animation with a lite bit of compositing and here is the result.\

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