Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0 Download 2023 (Premium)


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File Name Forex Mentor – London Close Trade 2.0
File size 3.3 GB
Publisher Forex Mentor
update and Published 2023

The LCT 2.0 Course will include everything you need to learn and implement this proven trading system.

1Full-length Online Video Course to learn the details of the strategy
2A PDF on how to draw proper levels of Support & Resistance
3Vic’s personal Excel spreadsheet can easily be filled out to determine key factors needed for trade setups. You’ll see at a glance if there are any possibilities
4A video showing exactly how to use the spreadsheet (very easy)
5Vic’s “Noble Entry” strategy, embedded in the LCT course
6Many video recordings show how to use the LCT basics to trade at other times of the day
7Numerous live recordings of LCT setups analysis and entries
8Videos on Tips, Tricks, and Nuances to be aware of

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